With the possibility of providing a solution to a vast number of diseases affecting people worldwide, Stem cell therapy is truly a wonder of modern medicine. But the controversies surrounding it make it an apprehensive path to take. With our panel of highly professional and experienced doctors, we assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Each treatment protocol we use is designed especially to suit you the best, with the ultimate goal of your well being at mind.

Treatment Protocol at Neurogen

The procedure for stem cell transplantation at Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute is minimally invasive, with extremely simple steps. There is no major surgery or incision required. The procedure is carried out in only three steps.

  • Bone marrow aspiration:- Bone marrow is the place where blood is formed. In simple terms, it can be called a factory of blood. As is common knowledge, blood is formed in the hollow space of bones. The easiest place to take out the bone marrow is the hip bone.

    This is done through a bone marrow aspiration needle, which is a thin needle inserted into the hip bone. Procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. For children and adults who cannot tolerate the procedure, sedation or general anesthesia as required is administered. The entire time taken to do this is only 15mins to 30 minutes. Between 80ml to 120ml of bone marrow is aspirated, depending on the weight of the patient. The patient is then sent back to the room for about 3 to 3 and a half hours, to rest for the next step of the procedure.

  • Purification of stem cells:- On the same day, within 3-5 hrs, the stem cells are separated and purified in our stem cell laboratory by using a procedure referred to as density gradient centrifugation. Basically, stem cells have a fixed density and this property is used to separate them.

  • Stem cell injection:- Once stem cells are separated and purified (in about 3-3 ½ hrs), patient is taken back to the operation theatre. Injection of stems cells into the fluid around the brain and spine (intrathecal injection) is carried out using either an epidural needle (portex) or a spinal needle. Stem cells are first diluted in the CSF and then injected into the spinal space. In certain patients where stem cells are to be injected into the muscles, (eg. Muscular dystrophy patients – as assessed and recommended by the rehabilitation team) these cells are diluted in the CSF and then injected into the muscles using a very thin needle.

    This completes the stem cell therapy protocol. The use of adult cells obtained from the patient itself reduces the risk to rejection by minimum.
    This makes our treatment protocol effective and novel in itself.

What has to be done after stem cell therapy?

Following the stem cell transplantation or injection, from the very next day, the patient undergoes an intensive rehabilitation process, consisting of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychological therapy, speech therapy, positive reinforcement processes, yoga therapy, specialized diets and so on.

It is very important that stem cell therapy be followed by a proper rehabilitation regime to gain proper response.

At Neurogen BSI, each program is specially customized to suit the needs of the individual patient by our expert team of therapists.

We firmly believe that a complete rehabilitation program following stem cell therapy contributes to the overall well being of our patients.

In fact, we call our entire treatment of stem cell therapy and rehabilitation as Neuro - Regenerative - Rehabilitation Therapy (NRRT).